Muscles Are For Girls

I found wonderful news on that muscular girls are starting to get recognized as THE feminine ideal. I'm not saying this just because I am a bodybuilder. It is what I believe.

Why so many women today are afraid of bulking up is beyond me. Natural muscle is a sign of strength, vitality, and an increased sex-drive. True, many pro bodybuilders look horrible on stage. But they're on steroids, and steroids, being unnatural, do make things rather ugly (and not just on the outside).

So, are many women subconsciously convinced that strength, vitality, and an increased sex-drive are all "male" things? Why do you want to be thin instead of muscular as a woman? Why do you not want to show off large biceps and REALLY feel sexy and strong? Has it never occured to you that large muscles are, in fact, just as feminine on a feminine woman as they are masculine on a masculine man? Don't you know curves achieved with muscle mass are firmer and healthier than curves achieved with excess body fat? Don't you realize that the huge sexual dimorphism in ads, movies, and TV-shows is created artificially? That they cast thin women who've never touched a dumbbell in their life next to muscular, athletic males to stroke the egos of male viewers? That if they cast men and women of an equal fitness level, the dimorphism would be much less obvious, and young girls would feel better about their physical potential, and more confident in general? Why are men praised for getting big and strong, and women - not so much?

I believe that the thin girl trend is (hopefully WAS at this point) society's last and final attempt at disempowering women. We beat the preposterous ideas that women shouldn't work, vote, etc. Let's beat the idea that women shouldn't be muscular and strong and encourage young girls in our society to embrace their true potential.

Always remember, if something's considered masculine, it is human. If it is human, it is feminine. Size, strength, and heavy dumbbells for all those who are human.


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